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We don’t confuse activity with outcome

Building awareness takes work, and lots of it. It doesn’t happen overnight. And with so many channels to pursue — traditional earned media, social media, blogs, videos, and contributed thought-leadership articles — it can be difficult to move the needle.

In this noisy landscape, nothing can replace the power of the right story with the right messages in the right publication at the right time. Especially in today’s reality of fewer publications and even fewer tech journalists, securing that killer story can be the “make or break” moment your company needs.

We’re proud of the results we get for our clients. Here’s just a small sample of what we do:



Samsara, the Connected Operations Cloud company, is a leading IoT (Internet of Things) company that builds sensors, software, and cloud services to help more than 20,000 customers improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of the operations that power the global economy. Samsara operates In North America and Europe and serves a wide range of industries including, construction, education, energy, field services, food and beverage, government, passenger transit, transportation and warehousing and utilities. Aircover is tasked with expanding awareness of Samsara as more than just a fleet management company via engagement with top tech and business media.


Bill.com (NYSE: BILL) is a cloud-based platform that automates and streamlines cash flow operations such as accounts payable and accounts receivable. They came to Aircover to help construct a communications strategy to elevate the company’s narrative and executive thought leadership, moving them from start-up and funding news to featured profiles in mainstream media, and accompanied by smart public relations activities.

PRO Unlimited

PRO Unlimited’s end-to-end contingent workforce management platform helps companies manage their rapidly growing gig, contractor and temp workforce. PRO is a large player in a crowded space but with zero recognition. Aircover was brought on board to execute an aggressive media relations program that is rooted in thought leadership for their CEO, starting with the trades and eventually working our way up to mainstream business media.


ServiceNow is a leading enterprise SaaS technology platform that delivers digital workflows that unlock productivity and drive transformation across organizations. As a strategic partner to ServiceNow, Aircover provides high-level earned media relations strategy and positioning council for their corporate brand and entire C-suite.



Fivetran is an automated data integration provider. It solves a key problem faced by companies today: centralizing data for analysis without wasting engineering resources on building and maintaining individual connectors. Aircover was brought onboard for media relations and thought leadership to elevate awareness for the company and its executive team.



Onfleet is a San Francisco-based technology company that helps businesses streamline their delivery operations. Onfleet’s software powers millions of deliveries per week for thousands of businesses around the world.

Fortt Knox


6sense, the leading Account Engagement Platform, uncovers anonymous buying behavior, prioritizes accounts for sales and marketing, and enables them to engage resistant buying teams with personalized, multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns. 6sense helps revenue teams know everything they need to know about their buyers so they can easily do anything needed to generate more opportunities, increase deal size, get into opportunities sooner, and compete and win more often.

Blue Shield of California

Blue Shield of California is a not-for-profit health plan provider with 4 million members across the state and more than $20 billion in annual revenue. Aircover was selected as the agency of choice to build and execute corporate visibility platforms for C-suite executives – Chief Innovation Officer Jeff Semenchuk, and CHRO Mary O’Hara.

FIDO Alliance

The FIDO Alliance is an open industry association created to eliminate hacks at scale and the problem of weak passwords. Its members include 250+ of tech’s top companies — Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Intel among them. We are working to elevate the Alliance’s mission to general business and consumer audiences.



Skydio is a leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight technology. Aircover orchestrated an earned media launch of its $100 million Series C fundraise, along with the introduction of two drones made especially for the enterprise and government markets.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is the data reliability company spearheading the emerging Data Observability category and helping organizations achieve more reliable data. Aircover is helping to raise Monte Carlo’s brand awareness through media and analyst relations.


Snowflake is a global platform for all your data and all your essential workloads, with boundless and seamless data collaboration. Aircover led communications for Snowflake through their tumultuous CEO exchange in 2019, successfully providing senior-level council to the in-house PR and marketing teams, and C-level executives. Our intense media relations program was designed to position Snowflake as a leader in the data warehouse market and data management market. Aircover’s strong business press relationships and strategy and counsel helped solidify the path for the company as it took the leap from start-up to the billion-dollar public company it is today — and from a communications perspective, laid groundwork leading to their successful IPO. 


Alation pioneered the data catalog market and today is leading its evolution into a platform for a broad range of data intelligence solutions including data search & discovery, data governance, data stewardship, analytics, and digital transformation. Aircover is tapped to build the organization’s reputation through strategic media relations and thought leadership programs.

silicon valley business journal


Dremio is a next-gen data lake. Its technology makes cloud data warehouses obsolete, bringing data warehouse functionality to cloud data lakes through direct queries for high performing dashboards and analytics. Gone is the requirement for companies to have to copy data into data warehouses first – a costly, complex, risky and inflexible process. Aircover was brought on  to help with strategic media relations and executive visibility to broaden overall brand awareness

silicon valley business journal

Element Analytics 

Element is solving a very important problem in a big market: industrial IoT. Their platform helps companies streamline and operationalize IT and OT data. Aircover was brought on board initially to just launch a product and the remit has grown into an integrated comms program that is rooted in thought leadership – with the goal of helping the company acquire customers and drive sales.

Domino Data

Domino Data Lab empowers data science teams with the leading open data science management platform that enables enterprises to manage and scale data science with discipline and maturity and trusted by over 20% of the Fortune 100. Aircover is responsible for thought leadership and media relations programs, most recently launching a campaign to support the organization’s $43 million funding round and product launch that garnered top-tier coverage in VentureBeat, Fortune and ZDnet.


This Softbank-funded unicorn is a construction technology company. View brought us in to help raise awareness and establish it as a unique technology platform for building construction using smart-glass. Coverage included NYTimes:

Fortt Knox


CoderPad is a technical interview platform to help candidates easily share their skills. The platform delivers an unparalleled experience to both interviewers and candidates. Over 3,300 companies around the world, including Netflix, Slack and Snowflake, rely on CoderPad. 



Glean is the work assistant with intuition. It finds exactly what you need, right when you need it — making it easier for you and your team to get big things done. It searches all of your apps across your entire company, understanding context, language, behavior, and relationships with others to find personalized answers to your questions. It surfaces knowledge and makes connections with the people who can help.


Airship powered the first commercial messages and then expanded its data-led approach to all re-engagement channels (mobile wallet, SMS, email), app UX experimentation and feature release management. With the Airship App Experience Platform (AXP), business users can create and adapt native app experiences on their own — with no ongoing developer support or app update required. Having powered trillions of mobile app interactions for thousands of global brands, Airship’s technology and deep industry expertise have enabled apps to become the digital centre of customer experience, brand loyalty and monetisation.