our approach

How we get the job done

Our approach

We aren’t shy. We show up and have a point of view and ideas. We are proactive. We are your partners and your teammates. When you hire Aircover, we bring our collective experience – our successes and failures – to the table to help tell your story.

We believe that when you hire a PR agency, you are hiring experts, not just arms and legs. Unlike a lot of other PR firms, the Aircover senior staff actually do the work and don’t just delegate it to the junior staff. Rather than worry about billable hours and hourly rates – Aircover believes success is defined by a great partnership that is focused on outcomes not activity.

Our beliefs

1. Good PR starts with a good story. It’s that simple.

2. Nothing replaces the impact of great media relations.

3. You have to get the fundamentals right, every time.

4. A great earned media story, placed in the right publication, with the right messaging,
at the right time is gold.

5. You can’t fake experience.